Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Review of the CD - She Rocks Vol. 1

A while ago I received the announcement about the 2017 She Rocks Awards at Winter NAMM 2017.  Gearing up for its fifth consecutive year, the She Rocks Awards pays tribute to women who display leadership and stand out within the music industry, and has become a standard at the NAMM Show.  I think that it was just matter of time before the powers that be decided to honor them with a CD version to further display the talent of the women.  She Rocks, Vol.1 compilation was released digitally on January 20, 2017 with the CD format being released on February 10, 2017. From track one, Orianthi’s “Transmogrify” to  track 11, Yvette Young’s “Hydra” the performances captured on this compilation  continue to smolder long after you have removed the CD from your device.  When I looked at the list of artists included I recognized a few of the names. What I didn’t know was that I was going to be introduced to several new ones that would totally blow me away.  As expected, Lita Ford’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Lemon Song” is killer. New to me was Yasi Hofer’s  song “Cosmic Stars”. HOLY CRAP!  My ears are still smoking from this little gem! Discovered by Steve Vai around age 14, (now 24) this shredder can only continue to get better. Think I’m going to have to watch the concert listings to see if I can catch her live.  There is just a ton of first class shedding guitar on this compilation. I loved every minute of that. One cut that I really enjoyed was Kat Dyson’s “U Know What I Like”. Not only was the playing solid but her bluesy voice caught my ear and wouldn’t let it go. Beautiful!  Bottom line this CD is a worthy addition to your collection. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to Vol. 2!

She Rocks, Vol. 1 Track List:

1.   Orianthi – “Transmogrify”

2.   Yasi Hofer – “Cosmic Stars”

3.   Kat Dyson – “U Know What I Like”

4.   Sarah Longfield – “The Taxi Time Travel Task Force”
5.   Lita Ford w/Lez Zeppelin – “The Lemon Song”

6.   Jennifer Batten – “In the Aftermath”

7.   Nita Strauss – “Pandemonium”

8.   Steph Paynes – “The Sun at Her Eastern Gate”

9.   Nili Brosh – “A Matter of Perception”

10. Gretchen Menn – “Scrap Metal”

11. Yvette Young – “Hydra”

Album producer and former Guitar World editor,  Brad Tolinski

Executive Producer: Steve Vai

Mastered by: Alan Douches at West West Side Studios, New Windsor, NY

Cover art & insert: Laura B. Whitmore

Label & Production Management: Steve Vai, Pam Dancy, Lindsey Hess, Frank Hessing, & Sean Carpenter

For more information about She Rocks Vol. 1 http://www.favorednations.com/artists/sherocksvol1/

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