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A Review of the CD - She Rocks Vol. 1

A while ago I received the announcement about the 2017 She Rocks Awards at Winter NAMM 2017.  Gearing up for its fifth consecutive year, the She Rocks Awards pays tribute to women who display leadership and stand out within the music industry, and has become a standard at the NAMM Show.  I think that it was just matter of time before the powers that be decided to honor them with a CD version to further display the talent of the women.  She Rocks, Vol.1 compilation was released digitally on January 20, 2017 with the CD format being released on February 10, 2017. From track one, Orianthi’s “Transmogrify” to  track 11, Yvette Young’s “Hydra” the performances captured on this compilation  continue to smolder long after you have removed the CD from your device.  When I looked at the list of artists included I recognized a few of the names. What I didn’t know was that I was going to be introduced to several new ones that would totally blow me away.  As expected, Lita Ford’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Lemon Song” is killer. New to me was Yasi Hofer’s  song “Cosmic Stars”. HOLY CRAP!  My ears are still smoking from this little gem! Discovered by Steve Vai around age 14, (now 24) this shredder can only continue to get better. Think I’m going to have to watch the concert listings to see if I can catch her live.  There is just a ton of first class shedding guitar on this compilation. I loved every minute of that. One cut that I really enjoyed was Kat Dyson’s “U Know What I Like”. Not only was the playing solid but her bluesy voice caught my ear and wouldn’t let it go. Beautiful!  Bottom line this CD is a worthy addition to your collection. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to Vol. 2!

She Rocks, Vol. 1 Track List:

1.   Orianthi – “Transmogrify”

2.   Yasi Hofer – “Cosmic Stars”

3.   Kat Dyson – “U Know What I Like”

4.   Sarah Longfield – “The Taxi Time Travel Task Force”
5.   Lita Ford w/Lez Zeppelin – “The Lemon Song”

6.   Jennifer Batten – “In the Aftermath”

7.   Nita Strauss – “Pandemonium”

8.   Steph Paynes – “The Sun at Her Eastern Gate”

9.   Nili Brosh – “A Matter of Perception”

10. Gretchen Menn – “Scrap Metal”

11. Yvette Young – “Hydra”

Album producer and former Guitar World editor,  Brad Tolinski

Executive Producer: Steve Vai

Mastered by: Alan Douches at West West Side Studios, New Windsor, NY

Cover art & insert: Laura B. Whitmore

Label & Production Management: Steve Vai, Pam Dancy, Lindsey Hess, Frank Hessing, & Sean Carpenter

For more information about She Rocks Vol. 1 http://www.favorednations.com/artists/sherocksvol1/

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Samson NAMM 2017 News: UHF Wireless System & Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphones

Samson NAMM 2017 News: UHF Wireless System & Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphones

AirLine 88 Wind Instrument UHF Wireless System
Brings True Wireless Freedom to Brass and Woodwind Performers


ANAHEIM, CA – NAMM 2017, Booth #6900 / Hall A, January 17, 2017 Samson, an industry pioneer in wireless audio technology, today announces the AirLine 88 Wind Instrument UHF Wireless System, offering true wireless freedom without the hassle of a beltpack or cable. Featuring a clip-on transmitter with a shockmounted microphone and adjustable gooseneck, this frequency-agile UHF wireless system provides high definition sound with 300' of wireless operation for saxophones, trumpets, trombones and other wind instruments. AirLine 88 Wind Instrument will be available July 2017.

AirLine 88 Wind Instrument continues Samson's longstanding commitment to wireless innovation. Designed to be an extension of your instrument rather than a separate component, the AW8 transmitter lets you rule the stage with confidence. It provides infrared sync to wirelessly match the receiver and transmitter frequency, easily accessible Gain and Mute controls, a battery life LED indicator and an 8-hour rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Designed specifically for wind instruments, the system’s AW8 transmitter clips directly to your instrument’s bell with no beltpack or cable necessary. It features a shockmounted condenser microphone to minimize any noise caused by mechanical vibration. The mic capsule offers a supercardioid pickup pattern that handles up to 130dB SPL, ideal for handling the sudden attack of wind instruments. The AW8 also offers an 8.5” adjustable gooseneck for optimal mic placement.

Offering frequency-agile operation, the system’s rack mountable CR88 Wireless Receiver provides 16 selectable channels for reliable performance no matter where you are. The receiver’s True Diversity design minimizes dropouts, while tone key technology prevents unwanted noise when your transmitter is off or out of range. Available July 2017 for $399.99.

AirLine 88 Wind Instrument System Features:
·    Frequency-agile UHF wireless system
·    16 operating channels across 24MHz bandwidth
·    Up to eight simultaneous systems per frequency band (region dependent)
·    Rackmount kit included

AW8 Wind Instrument Transmitter Features:
·         Clips directly to instrument (no beltpack or cable required)
·         Shockmounted instrument microphone capsule with supercardioid pickup pattern
·         Handles up to 130dB SPL
·         8.5” gooseneck (with P3 connector) for optimal mic placement
·         Up to eight hours of battery life using built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
·         Sealed gold contact charging connector for included USB-style charger
·         Low battery LED indicator
·         300’ operating range (line-of-sight)
·         Variable Gain control
·         1-touch Mute
·         Windscreen included

CR88 Wireless Receiver Features:
·    IR sync wirelessly matches receiver and transmitter frequency
·    True Diversity design minimizes dropouts
·    Tone key prevents unwanted noise when transmitter is off/out of range
·    1/4-wave antennas
·    Half-rack receiver design
·    LED display indicates operating channel
·    Balanced XLR, unbalanced 1/4” outputs

# # #

Samson NAMM 2017: Q7x and Q8x
Pro Dynamic Vocal Microphones
New and Improved Handheld Mics Faithfully Capture Live and Studio
Vocal and Instrument Performances

ANAHEIM, CA – NAMM 2017, Booth #6900 / Hall A, January 17, 2017 Samson, an industry pioneer in professional audio solutions, today announces their new and improved Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphones: Q7x and Q8x. Samson's Q7x and Q8x provide exceptional sound reproduction for live and studio vocal and instrument performances, as well as presentations and podcasting. And with updated body designs and improved capsule shockmount systems, these mics provide reliable performance in even the most demanding environments. The Q7x and Q8x will be available March 2017.

Q7X Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone
The workhorse Q7x offers a wide dynamic range with tailored mid-range presence produced by its neodymium dynamic mic element. Its smooth frequency response and low frequency roll-off provide balanced audio reproduction no matter the application.

Q8X Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphones
Capturing a wide dynamic range with exceptional mid-range clarity, the flagship Q8x provides a linear frequency response via its neodymium dynamic mic element that is flat with a slight lift around 8kHz. This makes the Q8x ideal for fitting vocals in live mixes with minimal EQ adjustments. In addition, its high saturation level audio transformer aids in the rejection of hum and noise.

Both models offer a supercardioid pickup pattern with excellent off-axis rejection, enabling them to pick up all the nuances of any performance with maximum volume and clarity, while reducing feedback and unwanted signals not originating in front of the mics. The Q7x and Q8x feature newly-designed rugged die-cast bodies and hardened steel grilles, along with improved multi-axis (Q7x) and pneumatic (Q8x) capsule shockmounts for minimizing handling noise. Equipped to withstand high sound pressure levels up to 147dB SPL (Q7x) and 150dB SPL (Q8x), these mics allow vocals to sound huge and crystal clear, but can also handle close miking instruments including drums, guitar cabinets and more. Available March 2017 for $79.99 (Q7x) and $99.99 (Q8x).

Q7x Features:
·    Dynamic vocal microphone with tailored mid-range presence
·    Neodymium dynamic mic element for wide dynamic range
·    High output, low impedance design
·    Supercardioid pickup pattern with excellent off-axis rejection
·    Smooth, flat frequency response of 80Hz–12kHz
·    Handles high SPLs of up to 147dB for close miking situations
·    Improved multi-axis capsule shockmount minimizes handling noise
·    Rugged die cast body, hardened steel grille
·    Includes mic clip and carry case

Q8x Features:
·    Premium dynamic vocal microphone with exceptional mid-range clarity
·    Neodymium dynamic mic element for wide dynamic range
·    High output, low impedance design
·    Supercardioid pickup pattern with excellent off-axis rejection
·    High saturation level audio transformer rejects hum/noise
·    Smooth, flat frequency response of 50Hz–16kHz
·    Handles high SPLs of up to 150dB for close miking situations
·    Improved pneumatic capsule shockmount minimizes handling noise
·    Rugged die cast body, hardened steel grille
·    Includes mic clip and carry case

# # #

Samson Technologies began in 1980 as a pioneer in wireless microphone technology. Today, Samson is an industry leader in professional audio solutions whose products are known for their fidelity and reliability. Samson products are preferred by recording artists, performers, educators and audio professionals throughout the world.

To connect with Samson, visit samsontech.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. For more information on Samson’s full line of wireless and audio products, media members may contact the following:

Press Contact
Claire Rocawich
Max Borges Agency

MONO makes its onstage debut with a new range of pedalboards; updates popular Club, Tour and Pro cases for a perfect fit


MONO makes its onstage debut with a new range of pedalboards; updates popular Club, Tour and Pro cases for a perfect fit

Anaheim, USA, Thursday 19 January 2017 (NAMM SHOW BOOTH 4621) MONO – an IDSA Award-winning company that makes innovative and inspiring instrument cases and accessories – is taking its first leap from the green room to the stage, releasing a range of ergonomic, adaptable pedalboards and updating the popular range of Club, Tour and Pro series of Accessory Cases. MONO is unveiling these new products at NAMM 2017.

“A fully loaded pedalboard represents a meaningful investment, often greater than the cost of a guitar itself. MONO's Cases set the standard for mobility and protection across the industry, and the combination of MONO's Pedalboards and Gear Cases represent the ultimate solution for the working musician on the move,” says MONO Director of Sales, Randy Couvillon.

“MONO fans have been using our best-in-class pedalboard cases to carry their effects set-ups for years. By studying the everyday demands of these users, MONO identified a real need in the market to create a pedalboard that was truly responsive and designed for how the modern mobile creator operates in the real world. At MONO, We’re incredibly proud to release a range of sleek but durable pedal boards that will really add a new dimension to the set-up for our community of musicians around the world. At the same time, we’re also updating our Accessory Cases to not only be a perfect fit for our new MONO pedalboards, but also the newer Pedaltrain pedalboard models, and other models with dimensions similar to these popular sizes,” says Mr Couvillon.

Lead Industrial Designer, Peter Boeckel says “Our new range of five pedalboards are all cut from a single piece of 3mm anodized aluminum to be lightweight and durable. At MONO, we always design with the daily realities of creators in mind - and we know that people need to travel light and like to customise their pedalboards to suit their own needs. We worked hard to find the right balance between structure and openings, bending the sides and the overall material thickness in order to achieve the right combination of stability and portability. As a result our pedalboards feel streamlined, elegant, and effortless.

“We’ve designed the cut-outs on top of the board to accommodate any custom cable routing configuration that you desire - and every pedalboard is shipped with 3M dual lock to make sure have the best material to affix your pedals to the board. Our pedalboards are flat or set at a ten degree incline, so are designed for ergonomic stomping and easy reach. This means that creators can spend less time on their balancing act and more time creating their signature sound,” says Boeckel.

MONO’s new pedalboard range includes five sizes from the Lite measuring 14 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches up to the Large measuring 32 x 16 x 3.5 inches. Laser cut from 3mm anodised aluminum, these Black Anodized and Silver Anodized pedalboards are light and easy to travel with; they’re also tough wearing and look great on stage.

> Laser cut aluminum, bent from single sheet, chemical polished, anodised either black or clear.
> Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.
> Laser engraved logo
> Rubber feet for stability and shock absorption
> Lightweight for ease of travel

MONO’s full range of PedalBoards is as follows:
Lite  (14 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches; no angle of elevation): Super lightweight for easy transit. Can mount common compact power supply units

> Laser cut aluminum, bent from single sheet, chemical polished, anodised either black or clear.
> Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.
> Laser engraved logo
> Rubber feet for stability and shock absorption
> Lightweight for ease of travel
 Lite+  (18 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches): All the
benefits of the Lite with additional space so
you can fit that extra pedal
Small  (18 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches): Double the
size of the Lite+, accommodates any power
solution including AC.
Front cable opening and a mix of openings
for flexible cable management
Medium  (24 x 14.5 x 3.5 inches): vertical
cable outlet in centre of board to give more
flexibility to wire up your pedals.
Two front openings for cable access and
Large  (32 x 16 x 3.5 inches): Two vertical cable outlet in centre of board to give more flexibility to wire up your pedals. Two front openings for cable access and management. Not available for retail, only available for partnerships and collaborations.

MONO’s Updated Pedalboard/ Gear Case sizes are as follows:

● The Club 2.0:  Fits MONO Pedalboard Small and PT Classic Jr & 2 (18 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches)
● The Tour 2.0:  Fits MONO Pedalboard Medium and PT Novo 24 (24 x 14.5 x 3.5 inches)
● The Pro 2.0:  Fits MONO Pedalboard Large and PT Classic Pro (32 x 16 x 3.5 inches)
● The Tick 2.0 : Fits MONO Pedalboard Lite and PT Nano  (14 x 7 x 3.5 inches)
All new products will be available Spring 2017 at monocreators.com and through select dealers.

Designed for musicians on the move, MONO is an IDSA Award-winning company that makes the most innovative and inspiring instrument cases and accessories in the world. MONO's focus on product innovation has been the driving force behind its growth, establishing the brand worldwide as the one that serious musicians trust to help them travel, create, collaborate, and perform (#GOPLAY). Players in bands ranging from The Roots, Faith No More, Death Cab for Cutie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Mastodon, Phantogram, Black Sabbath and more trust and use MONO products. MONO was founded by award-winning designer Daniel Kushner in 2007 and has offices in San Francisco, CA and Singapore.


Scott Robertson, APR
RobertsonComm for BandLab/MONO
949-212-7096 mobile

Southern Swamp Blues Rocker JJ Grey & Mofro First Doheny Blues Festival Appearance Since 2008!

Florida's own JJ Grey & Mofro are bringing their bluesy, soulful, funky feel-good, swamp rock music to Doheny Blues Festival for the first time in 9 years! 

From the days of playing greasy local juke joints to headlining major festivals, JJ Grey remains an unfettered, blissful performer, singing with a blue-collared spirit over the bone-deep grooves of his compositions. 

His presence before an audience is something startling and immediate, at times a funk rave-up, other times a sort of mass-absolution for the mortal weakness that make him and his audience human. 

When you see JJ Grey & Mofro live - and you truly, absolutely must - the man is fearless. 


Wallace Detroit Guitars will be exhibiting new models at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Los Angeles. This will be the first time Wallace Detroit Guitars attends the event.

Wallace will be introducing a new offset model, which will feature two P90 pickups and a mastery bridge. In addition, Wallace will be exhibiting guitars made from three new historic locations: the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters, the Brewster Wheeler Recreation Center, and a former t-shirt factory from Michigan Avenue in Corktown.

The Brewster Wheeler Recreation Center was located in the housing project where Diana Ross and the Supremes grew up. The Center was frequently used by Joe Louis, the heavyweight champion boxer from Detroit.

Ann Arbor blues phenom, Laith Al-Saadi, who wowed the country with his performances on The Voice in 2016 will be playing Wallace Detroit Guitars at their NAMM exhibit (booth 1397 on 1/20/17 at 2 pm and again on 1/21/17 at 3 pm). Al-Saadi had the number 1 best selling blues song on iTunes in 2016. For more information about Wallace Detroit Guitar lines, please visit  www.wallacedetroitguitars.com.

About Wallace Detroit Guitars:
A Detroit-based company, Wallace Detroit Guitars builds hand-made, American guitars using reclaimed wood from buildings in Detroit. These one-of- a-kind, beautiful instruments are visually stunning and built to be played. Pickups, neck profile, hardware, and all aesthetics are designed to exacting specifications and geared towards sophisticated players and collectors. Every Wallace Detroit Guitar is marked with the address of the building that provided the reclaimed wood.

The reclaimed wood used in Wallace Detroit Guitars is typically over 100 years old. The old-growth wood was also air dried, which allowed crystal structures to form and separate from the pores in the wood. This gives the guitars a vintage sound, and allows them to vibrate more freely than modern guitars. As a result, the guitars have great sustain and tonal range. All wood used in Wallace Detroit Guitars is responsibly harvested by a local non-profit who provides training and employment to local Detroit residents. This reclamation process keeps literally tons of wood from being sent to landfills.

Contact: Angela Brookbank-Kline
phone: 419-494- 4317  Email: angela@wallacedetroitguitars.com

Percussa to introduce Percussa Synthor System 8 at winter NAMM 2017

Los Angeles, CA (USA) January 16, 2017

Percussa is proud to announce the launch of its Synthor System 8, a new powerful hardware digital modular synthesis system, at winter NAMM 2017, January 19-22 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Synthor System 8 is a turn key modern modular synthesis system, allowing musicians to create exciting new sounds by patching synthesis modules, changing synthesis parameters and modulation signals wirelessly, and defines a new category of synthesizers combining the old proven synthesis techniques with the latest innovations in musical interfaces.

Synthor System 8 consists of a new digital hardware synthesis module (Percussa ENGINE), a new control surface and wireless base station (Percussa REMOTE), and 8 Wireless modular controllers (latest generation Percussa AUDIOCUBES). Aluminium rack ears are included to mount ENGINE above the remote control surface for optimal usability.

Percussa ENGINE integrates seamlessly without any configuration or setup necessary with Percussa REMOTE, the main control surface for the ENGINE and wireless base station for the Percussa AUDIOCUBES, through its onboard SYNTHOR sound synthesis software, easily upgradable via SD memory cards for additional sound synthesis modules and new features.

ENGINE comes with a quad core cortex A17 @ 1.8GHz Processor running Linux Kernel v4, features 64-bit parallel DSP processing and a 1600x480 pixel wide format full colour LVDS Display with high visibility. ENGINE also features MIDI In, Thru and Out Ports, SD Card Slot, USB Host Ports (HID Support) and a USB Device Port (Stereo Digital Out, USB Audio Class).

ENGINE outputs sound via a 6 Channel AKM AK4456 DAC supporting up to 192 kHz / 32 bit (S/N: 115 dB) and offers sampling capabilities via its 2 Channel AKM AK5552 ADC supporting up to 192 kHz / 32 bit (S/N: 115 dB).

ENGINE, REMOTE and AUDIOCUBES are made from high end CNC milled wear resistant industrial plastics and aluminium, and feature high quality industrial temp switches, metal encoders and aluminium knobs.

Synthor System 8 can be upgraded with additional Percussa AUDIOCUBES later on, supporting up to 16 wireless devices in total in one wireless network. The wireless technology used in Percussa’s products was developed specifically for musicians and has proven its reliability and excellent performance in many professional musician’s setups around the world.

Come see Percussa’s Synthor System 8, ENGINE, REMOTE and wireless AUDIOCUBES at the Percussa Booth #4823, Hall C.

About Percussa
Percussa makes innovative hardware and software for professional musicians, combining the best features and ideas from our industry’s past with forward-thinking new musical interface and sensor technology. Percussa is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Epiphone To Introduce New Models at Annual NAMM Trade Event in California

Macintosh HD:Users:pburch:Desktop:140logo.png

Epiphone at NAMM 2017
New Models Introduced at Annual Trade Event in California
(January 17, 2017, Nashville, TN)  Epiphone celebrates the New Year with a triumphant return to the annual National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Anaheim, California, Thursday, January 19 through Sunday, January 22. The NAMM show has been an annual tradition for Epiphone since 1919, and over the decades the “House of Stathopoulo” has never failed to make a big impression; introducing electric guitars in 1939, the Casino in the ‘60s, or last year’s unveiling of the critically acclaimed Masterbilt Century Collection.

NAMM ‘17 will give dealers and retailers a first look the new Ltd. Ed. Brendon Small “Snow Falcon”, the Ltd. Ed. Brent Hinds Flying V-Custom, and the Ltd. Ed. Joe Bonamassa “Treasure” Firebird 1. Epiphone will also be showing off new Bluegrass instruments like the Stagebird 6-string electric banjo and the premier of the first Masterbilt mandolin, the MM-40L.

The Critics Speak! 
Epiphone’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed Masterbilt Century Collection will be on display for the first time at
NAMM ’17. Guitar World called the Masterbilt Century archtops “the perfect affordable choice for any guitarist interested in exploring the signature sound of an archtop acoustic guitar or anyone who wants a finely crafted, visually stunning acoustic guitar for recording and performing.” 

Special Artist Appearances
Some of Epiphone’s premier signature artists are slated to appear at the Epiphone booth during NAMM ’17.  Please note that the following schedule is subject to change:
Tommy Thayer, Friday 1/20 at 2pm on Friday.
                                                                        Brent Hinds, Friday, 1/20 at 4pm 
Brendon Small, Saturday 1/21 at 3pm 

Epiphone/Gibson 60th Anniversary
Throughout 2017, Epiphone will celebrate its 60th Anniversary as part of the Gibson Family of Instruments.  Visit Epiphone.com to learn more about what’s in store and get regular NAMM ‘17 updates on Epiphone Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Epiphone) and Twitter @Epiphone.

About Epiphone:  
For over 140 years, Epiphone has been a leading innovator in musical instrument design with historic models like the Casino, and the new Masterbilt Century Archtop Collection. Epiphone is also home to the PRO-1 Collection and is the official instrument of Rocksmith® Remastered, the critically acclaimed video experience. Epiphone began as the “House of Stathopoulo” family business in Sparta in the 1870s, rose to fame in Manhattan, and continues to make history today from its headquarters in Nashville, TN, celebrating 60 years with the Gibson Family of Instruments in 2017. Epiphones are heard on classic recordings by Les Paul and The Beatles along with today’s top artists like Gary Clark Jr., Jack Casady, Tommy Thayer of KISS, and Brent Hinds. As part of Gibson Brands, Epiphone offers innovation, history, and a lifetime guarantee. Epiphone is still the House of Stathopoulo: We're designers, players and mavericks. And, we're passionate about everything we do.

Contact: Paul Burch Editor: paul.burch@epiphone.com                                                                 


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Sir George Martin's SOUNDBREAKING at NAMM - Saturday, January 21st

We are very excited to share with you that SOUNDBREAKING: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music, the last project from the late Sir George Martin, will have a presence at NAMM this year! Recently listed among the top 5 shows in The Hollywood Reporter’s “The Best TV of 2016,” SOUNDBREAKING illuminates the magic behind recording great music in a completely unprecedented fashion. In the 50th anniversary year of the recording of what many consider to be the greatest album of all time — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — NAMM is thrilled to present excerpts from SOUNDBREAKING featuring Sir George Martin and the real stories behind some of The Beatles’ most seminal work as part of the show’s TEC Tracks sessions.

The series will panel on Saturday, January 21st from 12:00PM-12:50PM on Level 2 in room 203 A-B in the Anaheim Convention Center. Peter Asher is confirmed for the Q&A with additional talent and moderator to come.

The series explores the extraordinary impact of recorded music on the modern world and was nominated for a Critic’s Choice Documentary Award for Best Limited Documentary Series. As Sir George Martin’s final project, the series combines unprecedented access to some of the most celebrated music artists, producers and innovators with rare archival studio footage and an extensive musical soundtrack, to deliver one of the most wide-ranging series on the art of music recording literally ever. The doc includes never-before-seen footage of everyone from Paul McCartney and Tom Petty to Christina Aguilera and Questlove – over 150 interviews and performances in total.

Charting a century's worth of innovation and experimentation in the creation of music, SOUNDBREAKING offers a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of brand new sounds.  From the invention of the microphone to the Moog synthesizer, from the phonograph to digital streaming, SOUNDBREAKING moves between past and present to tell the stories behind the sounds, and reveals how innovation redefined not only what we listen to and how we listen to it, but our very sense of what music is and can be.