Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I would have never thought.....

Hello to all. As I write this I am posting the last of the videos that were shot at Winter NAMM. I didn't realize that I had so much footage until I sat down to do the editing. I could have easily shot more but I was devoting my time between the the Flip Video camera and the Nikon. Of course the Nikon won. I really wound up with some amazing images from both devices.  What is really mind blowing is how many views the Bobsteshetz YouTube Channel started to get after the very first posts from NAMM. When the last video finishes uploading I will have 22 that came from the 5 days at NAMM. The one that totally blows my mind is Doyle Dykes playing a medley featuring the U2 songs "With Or With Out You", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and ends with the old standard "Amazing Grace". I usually check the viewing activity of the videos. On Super Bowl Sunday it had been up for about a week and had about 50 views. The very next morning it had 260. Crazy. If you haven't already done so please check out the Bobsteshetz YouTube Channel maybe even take a minute to subscribe.

On another note. It looks like March will be a busy month for shows at the Coach House. Friday night (3/2) I will be checking out last years winner of "The Voice", Javier Colon. I got a sample of his live show at the Taylor Guitar booth during Winter NAMM. He put on a pretty good show there. I'll let you know how he does in a bit larger venue. Saturday night (3/2) will be former Stray Cat Lee Rocker. I caught part of his show at last years Doheny Blues Festival. What little I saw was fantastic. My friend Robert Kinsler got to interview him last week. Click here to check out his review. Connie Rae will be opening for John Waite (former front man for the Baby's) on March 24th. Last bu not least Jonny Lang plays 2 shows (3/30 & 3/31) to close out the month. I know I will attend at least one if not both of those shows. His voice is just amazing. This is my version of "March Madness".


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