Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Blake Aaron 2nd Annual Holiday Show 12/15/2011

Back to back events sure seems to take a lot out of me these days. I guess that this is preparing me for the grueling week at Winter NAMM coming up the 3rd week of January. When I was asked to come down and shoot the Blake Aaron 2nd Annual Holiday show I had no idea what I was in for. Glad that I took the chance. It was a totally incredible night. The 200 or so folks that made it out to the event were not disappointed. The musical guest was a young jazz singer, song writer, pianist named Spencer Day. The was food prepared by "Two Guys Grilling" with the proceeds going to Snowball Express a charity for the children of our fallen military heroes. They also had an outstanding Santa & Mrs. Claus (Santa Bruce & Friends) who were kind enough to listen to the children's Christmas wishes and pose for a few photos.

This show started out like most radio shows do. The host and co-host banter a bit about the show to come, throw in few wise cracks, a traffic report etc. Then Dave Leckness the mayor of Mission Viejo and Santa showed up to chat with Blake and Tina before Spencer Day came out to perform. Soon it was Spencer's time. You could tell by the reaction of the crowd when Spencer came on to the stage that they were very excited to hear him do his thing. After a short recap about where he has been and what he has been doing lately performance time had arrived. He sang a quick number accompanied by Blake on his guitar. This is what the audience had been waiting for and from their response they were not disappointed.

Spencer and Blake retreated back to their seats on the stage to talk a bit more. Now it was time for some well placed comedy. Spencer, Blake and "Man of Many Voices" Jay Owen got together to read The Night Before Christmas. This was not your usual reading. Each person read their part in character. Spencer as a "New York Red Neck",  Blake as "The Surfer Dude" and Jay as an excellent "Sean Connery" . This has to be one of the most entertaining readings of this poem I have heard in years. I can't wait until they post the date and time for the replay of this show so I can hear it again.

Spencer performed several more songs before the evening was over and there were few more "Guests" such as the "Arnold The Govenator" provided by Jay. It is amazing how fast the two hours went by. I can honestly say I was sorry that it had to end. Spencer is a very talented young man. If you get a chance I would reccomend that you see him live. If not at least check out his web site at http://spencerday.com/

I am looking forward to my next encounter with the folks from KSBR. They were all Top Notch in my book. You can check out photos from the event at the link below.

Enjoy! - Bob

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